Future Factory

an interactive museum installation for children

The Future Factory was realized for the "Deutsches Museum Bonn" as part of their new family area, which guides children through the technological development from 1950 until now and beyond. The installation consists of two stations. In the first, children can build their own robot through interaction with a jumping point on the ground. In the second station they can control the finished robot with a kinect camera and fly through the factory. The installation gives children an easy and fun introduction to the topic of robotics. Besides concepting and prototype building for the kinect-game, it was my part to program the first station (robot building by jumping), with processing and arduino. The project also involved a fun and insightful test at a local kindergarten.


Year: 2013
Media: kinect, arduino, processing
Team: David Ebner, Marie Denise Maitrot, Jeong-Ho Park, Eva Pieroth, Fabian Sebastian, Tobias Zimmer