Leben GmbH

winner of 99-Fire-Films best camera award 2014

»Leben GmbH« is a fictional company in a parallel world, which is controlling our lives through »life-event-mandates«. The main character, employee NR 17-23, is strictly controlled by the company, together with thousands of fellow workers. Each of them has to write stories for other peoples lives everyday, while they themselves have to live in a monotone and completely eventless world. They just live for their work – the creation of reality, for humans like us. One day, caused by a fault in the company's system, NR 17-23 receives a life-event-mandate with his own number and picture on. Suddenly, he has the unique opportunity to change everything.


Year: 2014

»Leben GmbH« was an entry for the 99 Fire Films shortfilm awards in 2014 and won the distinction for best camera, out of .

Shooting the film within 99 hours, from idea generation to final upload, was a very intense and collaborative process. My main part was color correction and color grading, besides concepting, some camera work and casting.


David Koppelberg
Erich Ostenberger
Moritz Rehfeld


Hans Böhme
Dimitar Dimitrov
Johann Karlin
Eva Pieroth
Fabian Sebastian
Tobias Zimmer
Niklas Zorell